What Things Should You Know About the Potpourri Fragrances?


Potpourri Home Fragrance

The Potpourri Home Fragrance, a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant, is used to provide a gentle natural scent in the home. It is now being used by many homeowners because different types of potpourri fragrances are available at the Zohoor Alreef, and all of them are available at an affordable price. In this blog, a few tips have been described which can help the potpourri to last long.

1. Remember that if there is a bad odor in the bathroom, your Potpourri Home Fragrance will need to work longer, but you can use a charcoal briquette as it absorbs the foul odors. Thus, your potpourri home fragrance will be able to last longer.

2. Do you know that you can use vodka to keep the potpourri fragrance fresh for long? Yes, it will maintain the fragrance of your potpourri for a long time, and you will get a pleasant smell in your home.

3. In case, if you think that your potpourri has dust in it, you should clean it. It is very easy to clean it because the only thing that you need is a resealable plastic bag. You are required to pour the potpourri into that plastic bag and then you can use a fork to make a few small holes in it. Then, shake that bag so that the dust and dirt will get removed from those holes. By doing so, the dust can easily be removed from the potpourri.

4. Sometimes, you may also need to add scent to the potpourri. So, if your potpourri is not providing a pleasant smell, spray it with a good perfume.

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